Covid-19 Policy

We kindly request that you read and adhere to the following procedures for the safety of yourselves and that of our staff. 
If you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms you will sadly not be able to enter the building and we advise you return home to self-isolate.
If you are shielding, please let us know and advise us of any further precautions which you require as we are very happy to help and make you feel more comfortable.
What we are doing:
As per Government instruction we are carrying out the Track and Trace system for the NHS. All guests who enter the building will be required to either scan the Kingscote QR Code or leave a name and contact number for us to be able to reach you in case of an outbreak. Your details will be stored for 21 days only and not shared with any third party companies.
All surfaces are being sanitized as much as possible throughout the day, and shopping trolleys are sanitized in between every use.
Any returned items are sanitized and placed in quarantine for 48 hours.
We are using compostable coffee cups, greaseproof recyclable bakery bags and recyclable cutlery for your takeaway coffee’s and cakes in order for them to be single use, to prevent the spread of the virus, and then later recycled.
We have placed yellow and black safety tape every 2m around the shop and ask all customers to wait at each marker before moving forwards and maintaining social distancing.
All staff will be wearing face masks at all times and kitchen staff will be using disposable gloves when preparing your food.
Every night we deep clean the venue to ensure all surfaces are sanitized and safe for the following day.
Any staff who show signs of COVID-19 will go into isolation immediately and instructed to take a test.
All payments are cashless.
We need you to:
We ask that all guests wear a face mask upon entering the building, however, if for health reasons you are not able to wear a mask you make us aware of this upon entry.
We ask that all guests use the hand sanitizer gel upon entering the building and we have provided some at the exit if you feel you would like to use this again.
Keep a 2m distance from anyone who is not in your social bubble, or 1m with additional precautions (a face mask) when 2m is not possible.
Only touch products that you are intending on buying. If you do touch a product and change your mind, please bring it up to the till so we can sanitize it and place it in quarantine.
Thank you for your co-operation.