Kingscote Estate

Self Guided Walks

Take some time out to enjoy our picturesque walking routes round the estate.
There are endless routes to choose, but these are our favourites.

The Furnace Walk

(2km, approx 30 mins)

The Furnace Walk at Kingscote Estate 2KM approx 30 mins

Crossing the upper tributaries of the river Medway, make your way into Furnace Field, named because of the iron works that took place here back in the 14th century.

On your walk through our vineyards you will see all three varieties used in our traditional method sparkling wines: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

This walk will also take you past our small orchard which produces the apples for our delicious cider. On your way back to the farm you will pass by our fishing lakes where all manner of wildlife can be spotted, including a rather elusive Kingfisher or two.

The Railway Walk

(3km, approx 50 mins)

This walk will take you up to the famous “Stone Farm Rocks”, which overlook Weirwood Reservoir. Made from a series of sandstone crags and named a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ these rocks perfectly illustrate the fine quality Sandstone that makes up part of our terroir.

Look out for climbers, as the site is popular with the British Mountaineering Society. On your way back to the farm the walk will take you over the famous Bluebell Railway, the first preserved standard gauge passenger line in the world!

Opened in 1955, there are still iconic steam engines running alongside our estate to the nearby Kingscote Station.

Kingscote Estate